Wednesday, 19 July 2017


Introducing Smart-HomeATS which uninterruptedly changes electrical power from Mains (PHCN) to Generator and Vise-versa without human interference. Its durable, easy to install and affordable.

  • Phase: Single with Digital Output Voltage Display
  • Power Ratings: 3.5KVA
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Weight: 0.5kg
  • Colour: White 
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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Difference between UPS and Inverter

 Although used interchangeably, there is a difference between UPS and Inverter. The basic function and architecture remains the same, but the difference is minor.
The difference between a UPS and Inverter lies in the time in which it can switch to battery power when a power cut happens. A UPS can switch to battery power in 3-5 milli seconds, whereas an inverter does it in 100 milli seconds. The choice between the two will depend on how critical is the switching to backup for the appliances that you want to support. For e.g. a desktop computer would need faster switching as you can loose data if it switches off even for a few milli seconds.
Even in UPS there are Online and Offline UPS. Online UPS are those in which the power is drawn from the battery irrespective of the availability of power from main line. This makes sure that there is no loss of work even for a few milli seconds when there is a power cut. Offline UPS is one where the power is drawn from battery only when there is power cut. All other times it is drawn from mains.

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